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February 12, 2024

Revolutionizing Real Estate: How Waltz Empowers Real Estate Professionals to Grow Globally and Close Locally

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In the dynamic world of real estate, the ability to attract global investors while closing deals swiftly and efficiently locally can make all the difference for ambitious real estate professionals such as Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Agents. Partnering with Waltz, a leading innovator in real estate finance, presents an exciting opportunity to elevate your business to new heights. Let’s explore the key features that expand your reach and close deals seamlessly.

1. Seamless Digital Closing Process

Waltz understands the importance of a smooth and efficient closing process. With Waltz, real estate professionals can facilitate transactions through a seamless digital platform, eliminating the hassles of traditional paperwork. This not only enhances the client experience but also streamlines the overall closing process.

2. One Simple Platform, For Everything Your Client Needs

Once your client has a property in mind, Waltz can swiftly establish an LLC for Real Estate investment with an EIN within hours. In a matter of days, your client will gain access to US-based banking services and secure a loan commitment. Waltz also manages all necessary closing steps, including appraisal, inspection, and title. 

3. Close Deals Faster (In as Little as 14 Days*)

Time is of the essence in real estate, and Waltz recognizes the urgency. By leveraging advanced technology and a streamlined process, Waltz enables real estate professionals to close deals faster than ever before – with some transactions closing in as little as 14 days. This rapid turnaround not only impresses clients but also accelerates your ability to move on to the next opportunity.

4. Turn a Single Cash Purchase into 3 Financed Deals

Waltz introduces a unique proposition for real estate professionals – the ability to turn a single cash purchase into three financed deals. Foreign buyers have more hoops to jump through to secure financing, leading 42% of them to make their deals in cash. With Waltz, that single cash purchase can become three down payments. This not only maximizes revenue for you, but also provides clients with more purchasing options.

5. Global Reach, Local Impact

Waltz's global approach to real estate financing enables you to attract foreign investors on a global scale. The digital platform ensures accessibility for international clients, making it easier for you to tap into the vast pool of global investors who are buying properties in the US real estate market, which is currently valued at over $53 billion (source: NAR, 2023). At the same time, you can maintain your local expertise, closing deals swiftly and efficiently within your own area.

Grow with Waltz

Waltz is your key ally to thrive in an increasingly competitive real estate market. By providing a seamless digital closing process, expediting deal closures, offering attractive financial solutions for foreigners, and fostering long-term client relationships, Waltz empowers you to grow your business both globally and locally. As the real estate landscape evolves, those who embrace innovative solutions like Waltz are poised to not only survive but thrive in the ever-changing industry. Ready to elevate your real estate ventures? Reach out today to explore partnership opportunities.

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