Simon expanded his investment opportunities with Waltz in one month

Simon wasn’t exactly new to American real estate investments; he had invested in three U.S.-based properties but buying American investment properties in cash limited Simon's portfolio growth. As a Waltz customer, he was able to invest in exciting new ways that expanded his portfolio and diversify his assets.

The Client

Simon from Israel

Simon, a technology professional with a background in real estate from his home country, Israel, desired to invest in the US market. While initially successful with independent ventures, complexities like tenant issues and unreliable property management presented challenges.

The Property

Investment Purchases and Cash-Out Refinances in Florida

Simon had invested in three U.S.-based properties that ranged from larger projects involving multiple investors to single-family homes for rental income. Simon now wanted to refinance his properties and was interested in expanding his portfolio to include additional properties. 

The Challenge

Traditional lending and mortgages create ambiguity and disinterest

Despite initial success, Simon faced several challenges in his US real estate ventures:

  • Cash-based Investments: Simon initially avoided mortgages due to perceived uncertainties in traditional lending processes, preferring to deal in cash.
  • Property Management Issues: Early experiences with tenant issues and unreliable property management highlighted the need for a more efficient system.
  • Limited Growth Potential: Reliance on cash investments limited Simon's ability to scale his portfolio. The more Simon invested, the more he realized the value of a mortgage, despite how difficult it may be to obtain one as a foreigner.

The Waltz Solution

A friend of Simon's recommended Waltz after using it to successfully invest in Florida real estate. As Simon’s partner, Waltz addressed his challenges and many more:

  • Simplified Mortgages: Waltz's user-friendly platform facilitated securing mortgages, enabling Simon to move beyond cash-based investments and leverage his portfolio.
  • Flexible Collaboration: Waltz demonstrated flexibility by collaborating with Simon's preferred management and insurance companies, fostering trust and a sense of control.
  • Enhanced Financial Management: Waltz's integration with Simon's existing LLC and automatic mortgage payments simplified his financial management requirements.
  • Multicurrency Advantage: Waltz's multi-currency account and favorable forex rates provided additional financial benefits for Simon as a foreign investor.

"The whole process only took about a month! As someone who juggles real estate with another career, I need a lender who solves problems, not creates them. Waltz gets that. They chased down paperwork, dealt with issues, and made my life so much easier" - Simon

By addressing these challenges, Waltz empowered Simon to navigate the US real estate market with greater ease and efficiency. With Waltz, Simon effortlessly secured refinancing and mortgages, broadening his investment horizons. Simon successfully closed five deals through Waltz.

  • He strategically leveraged cash-out refinances on two Fort Pierce, Florida properties, securing a 65% LTV on both within 24 days. He also secured a 70% LTV cash-out refinance on another Fort Pierce property.
  • Expanding his portfolio, Simon also made two swift purchases in Sebring, both with a favorable 70% LTV and closed within a short timeframe.
“Waltz helped me leverage my properties to grow my investments, something traditional lenders made seem impossible. If you're busy and want a smooth mortgage experience, Waltz is the way to go. They remove the hurdles and empower you to succeed.
Simon Y. - Tech Executive

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